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A B.O.C.A. Home From American Custom Builders VS. Stick-Built!

Built Indoors
A stick builder cannot control the weather. Humidity can be one of the most damaging problems you may ever confront. From water damage to warping. Our homes are all built indoors under a temperature controlled environment. All materials are dry and checked for warpage.

Even the best carpenter makes it fit
When a frame carpenter builds your house, how will you know if that 2X4 stud that was 1/4" to short was not installed? With An All American Home they use jigs to make sure the walls are straight and square. All studs are mechanically cut to length before installation.

Faster Building Process
The average stick built home takes aprox. 6 months, depending on the size of the house. Our homes average 2 months. When the house is delivered, we will have it up in aprox. 9 hours. This is called "the rough set". Make sure you bring your video camera. Your new home is almost complete, just the way you ordered it. It's so amazing that one of our clients had aprox. 30 neighbors and drive-bys stop to see the inside.

Ever suffer from "Where's My Builder"?
An aspirin doesn't even come close to covering this one. My gosh! "My stick builder is half way through building my house, and he said he would be back 3 weeks ago and finish the kitchen, and now he won't return my calls, I have to be out of my old house by next week!" This is one of the main reasons our customers look forward to their new All American Home.

Can he match the quality and price?
Check to make sure your stick builder has standard Anderson windows, tilt and wash, quality oak Merillat cabinets (Over 40 different cupboard faces to choose from), Moen faucets, 6" walls with Barricade "wrap, R38 insulation in the ceiling on all ranches, etc. Will your stick-built home come standard: fully carpeted with Carriage carpet, tile already laid; drywall professionally taped mudded and painted with a primer coat that lasts for years, and marble counter tops standard in all bathrooms? Will match our prices against his, any day! Not including our speed.

We have our own finish set crew
After the "rough set", there are still some things that need to be done. This is called the "Finish Set". You don't have to wait for the factory finish set crew. We have our own, and their one of the best! We can usually get them out there within one week. They're rarely there over 2 weeks, and the only item left is to have our carpet man lay the carpet. Why, because our carpet comes rolled like normal and not laid at the factory. No one has walked on the carpet yet! And there's your new home. We know you'll love it.

We can adjust our floor plans!
The marriage wall you can't move, but you can almost make it disappear, the rest of the house YOU build! Move walls, pickup the kitchen and move it across the hall, expand your kitchen or bath just the way you want, put windows and doors any where, etc.. Sit down with us and we'll make your dream house come true. All American Homes is one of the most flexible homes you will find! That's one of the big reasons their the # 1 Manufacturer of BOCA homes in the country.

What does BOCA mean?
All stick (frame) builders must adhere to the national builder code referred to as the BOCA code. This code does not apply to trailers, doublewides, and houses that fall under the HUD code. The BOCA code not only applies to the builder, but also to the licensed electrician, plumber, etc. OUR homes are all pre- approved BOCA homes. When you walk into an All American Home built by American Custom Builders. you will immediately recognize a fine, quality built home that compares to many of the fine stick built homes you have seen in the past. COME SEE OUR MODEL!

One of The "Neatest Things" about a Home from American Custom Builders
You've ordered your house from a "stick builder", the kitchen is half way in, and you want to change the kitchen; and you wish you had put that 1/2 bath in the back of the utility room located next to the garage door. With our homes your worries are over. At the preliminary level, aprox. 45 days after the order, you can make any change you want. Customers think this is GREAT!


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