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A System-Built Home Has Many Features

Details... they are what really sets an All American Home apart from all the rest.

Some of them you'll notice at once; others, you won't need to see to appreciate; they are part of the built-in strength and durability for longer life and lower maintenance you'll enjoy for years and years to come. For more detail about the construction process, be sure to take a look at our Construction Walk-Through.

1. 2" x 10" floor joist 16 on center for strong structural integrity.

2. 2" x 6" exterior walls 16" on center standard.

3. 2" x 4" interior walls 16" on center. Interior walls are professionally primed/painted by our skilled factory specialists.

4. Complete Oriented Strand Board (OSB) wrap on exterior walls as a standard feature.

5. Gypsum wallboard on ceiling is bonded to the ceiling framing using a foam adhesive, providing greater holding power.

6. Gypsum wallboard on walls using assembly jigs to insure walls are solid and true.

7. R-19 fiberglass wall insulation for heating and cooling efficiency, providing year-round comfort.

8. R-38 or better ceiling insulation for outstanding energy efficiency.

9. Roof Oriented Strand Board or equal sheathing on your roof resists racking and shape distortion, even in high winds.

10. Tongue and groove Oriented Strand Board subfloor for added strength, stability and joint integrity.

11. Prefinished doors and wood trim are precision trimmed and hung.

12. Standard insulated steel door ensuring superior insulation and security.

13. A variety of floor covering options are available to further customize your home.

14. Dimensionally designed architectural shingles for your roofing needs.

15. A variety of window stylings from the most reputable names in windows.

16. A variety of porch and garage styles can be added by you and your dealers to further customize your All American Home.


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